1:1 Food Coaching

Learn how to overcome healthy eating challenges and create practical meal plans with judgement free support.

Group Food Coaching

Get the opportunity to meet lifelong fitness friends while learning strategies to restore your health and achieve your ideal weight effortlessly!

Fitness Classes

Healthy eating is 90% of your success, but did you know that exercise prevents cancer? Attend a Zumba, Barre, or HIIT class to supplement your new lifestyle!

Why Plant-Based?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? How about 2 apples? How about a diet solely based on fruits and vegetables? Now imagine if you never had to be scared of your yearly physical ever again.

As a fitness and education professional for 10 years, Lauren observed the frustration of working hard in the gym, and despite calorie restriction, still not seeing results. Lauren has also seen external results while the body continues damage internally. Lauren specializes in creating individualized solutions for those who want to achieve optimal health and mental clarity for quality of life. Lauren is prepared to walk you through a journey to wellness, creating meal plans to achieve the goals of weight loss, sustained energy and youth.



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