Our Story

Lauren Cellini is a certified educational professional with 10 years in the fitness and supplemental education industries. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and secondary education, and a Master of Science degree in human services leadership.

In the past, Lauren suffered from significant emotional instability, migraines, anxiety and sustained irritability. This substantially affected her as a college student. Moving into a career proved difficult, as long-term projects and tasks felt overwhelming. She relied on an over-stimulating lifestyle and caffeine to get things done. This worked well initially, but then resulted in total insomnia. During a business trip, Lauren recalls being unable to sleep with rapid breathing and chest pains. Although she was vegan at the time, clearly something had to be done.

She took a long vacation to Hawaii, where it seemed she tasted raw, delicious fruits and vegetables for the first time. She vowed to focus on eating fresh, raw, plant-based foods to heal her body and mind. Currently Lauren works with managers, franchisees and staff as adult learners in a corporate classroom. She personally observes how diet creates a significant impact on the ability to learn new material and apply concepts effectively in the work environment. From the first sip of coffee to the 3 o’clock afternoon fog, Lauren can see how mental clarity and emotional stability directs relates to each meal ingested. Her mission is to connect education and nutrition to create healthy, powerful minds, balanced emotions and sustained ideal body weight.


Our Approach

We take pride in the development of sustainable lifestyle programs. All clientele will receive individualized attention to their current health needs. Continued support also includes meal planning and coaching to create plant-based lifestyles which support the body's natural ability to remove toxins and regain vitality.

We build a supportive community with special events to keep members motivated to continue their journeys toward optimal health. Along with a nutrition regimen, we believe exercise is key for a truly healthful lifestyle. We offer Zumba Toning, Pilates, total body workouts and barre fitness classes in New York and New Jersey. Check us out on at: The New York and New Jersey Group Fitness and Wellness Support.

Meet the Team

The Fit 4 Real Team is dedicated to developing customized plans with smooth transitions. We pride ourselves in meeting new clients where they are at to give the best recommendations possible.


Founder & CEO

Certified nutrition coach, educator and 11-year fitness professional. Zumba instructor, raw foodist and meal planner.

Loves hiking, art, farmers markets and guinea pigs.



Vice President

Certified educator, test prep tutor, chef, meal planner and sports coach.

Also the Smoothie King.


Director of Communications

Educator of science and mathematics, chakra balancer, crystal healer, life enthusiast.

Meditation extraordinaire.


Marketing and Special Events Manager

Certified marketing specialist, website designer, dance instructor. Event coordinator and owner of TC Diamond Arts Long Island and New Jersey.

Wears sunglasses. Like a boss.

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