Got a question? Check out some of our FAQs below:

What is the cost of a 1:1 coaching program?

For new clients, an introductory rate of $180 includes 3 in-person or phone/video sessions, one month of unlimited email coaching and one meal plan.

How do I sign up for a group coaching program? How much does the program cost?

Space is limited. Send us a message detailing which session you would like to join. We will email you back regarding availability. The cost of the program is $250. It includes informational resources, food demonstrations and tastings, and 25-30 plant-based recipes to support your new lifestyle.

What if I am not entirely plant-based? Do I need to be a vegetarian or vegan to sign up?

Absolutely not! The goal is to help transition to a diet primarily focused on fresh fruits and vegetables for optimal nutrition. High nutrient density supports permanent weight loss and vitality. These programs are designed to give you the FACTS about the foods perceived to be healthy, but are in reality detrimental to one's health.